Please be reassured that PPE is not a new concept for dentists. When you have come to see us previously, we have ensured the highest level of cross infection control. This involves good hand sanitisation with anti viral and anti bacterial soap, wearing gloves, masks, scrubs and surgical gowns (for surgical appointments). Every  surgery in Beechwood Dental is thoroughly cleaned down with anti viral and anti bacterial spray before you come in and after you leave.

All instruments are scrubbed and sterilised in a vacuum autoclave and 135 degrees.

This is what we have done every day since Beechwood Dental has opened. Our current COVID 19 protocols exceed both HSE and Dental Council guidelines.

The changes we have made to the surgery setting as a result of COVID 19:

  • all staff wear FFP2 or N95 face masks:  these masks are worn in ICU settings
  • dentist and hygienists may wear face visors for some treatments. They may also wear a surgical gown for some treatments.
  • each room in our newly renovated building is connected to a ventilation system which draws out stale air and pumps in fresh air 24 hrs a day. This ensures the air exchange is much greater than normal

The changes we have made to the waiting room/reception as a result of COVID 19:

  • We are trying to minimise social gatherings at the reception desk or in the waiting area. This has meant:
    • Appointments must be made by phone or by email
    • Payment for appointments may be taken prior to the appointment or in the individual dentist surgery to avoid prolonged contact with the reception desk
    • We have marked seven individual waiting zones within the practice that are at least 2 metres from each other. Please attend your appointment unaccompanied (unless under the age of 16yrs)
    • For any new patients, we may send you an online form to complete so that your details are pre-set up in our system when you arrive.
    • The waiting area may look a little more sparse than usual as we have had to remove all newly bought magazines

On entering the building:

  1. Your temperature will be recorded with a non contact thermometer & your temperature will be recorded in your chart. We have logged everyone’s temperature, that has entered the building, since March 29th, including staff.
  2. Please hand sanitise on entering the building. We have 7 hand sanitising stations within the building. Feel free to use before and after your appointment
  3. Your appointment times may be a little more restricted for a short while whilst we try and work through the back log of treatments that has built up over the last few months.

We would kindly ask patients to not miss your appointment as there is high demand for patients requiring treatment.

Once again, please be reassured that working to prevent spread of infection is not a new concept to Beechwood Dental. We have upheld the highest standards of hygiene every day since we opened in 2006. There is obviously a heightened awareness of infection control at the moment.

Thank you and we look forward to welcome you back to the clinic.

Peter & Alex