Dental Treatments



Crowns are used to restore teeth that have been damaged, badly broken or heavily filled, in order to restore their appearance or strength. They in turn reduce the risk of heavily decayed teeth breaking.

To make a crown, the existing tooth is shaped and an impression is taken. A dental technician, who is responsible for matching the shade and shape to your natural tooth, then makes the crown. Crowns are made from a variety of different materials, such as porcelain or porcelain bonded to gold. Our dentists recommend porcelain crowns for the most natural looking and pleasing result.



Veneers are an ideal way of treating discoloured or unsightly teeth, closing gaps between front teeth or repairing chips and cracks. They are thin slices of porcelain that are precisely made to fit over the visible surface of front teeth, in the same way that a false fingernail fits over a nail.

To make a veneer, a very small amount of enamel is removed from your tooth. An impression is taken for the veneer to be made in the laboratory and then bonded to the tooth. They match the colour, appearance and translucence of your natural teeth.

Tooth Whitening

A bright, white smile can make you look good and feel great. Our patients who have experienced the tooth whitening transformation tell us the procedure helps them smile with confidence.

Teeth whitening involves a process that bleaches your teeth to achieve their ultimate natural whiteness and Zoom 2 Active Power whitening™ can achieve this in around an hour.

Beechwood dental offers a range of tooth whitening treatments which are an effective way of lightening teeth to their natural colour without removing any of the tooth surface and for the removal of stains that tend to build up on teeth, especially when your diet includes tea, coffee, red wine, tobacco or spicy foods. All of our whitening treatments are clinically approved and range from our easy to use home bleaching kit to our state-of-the-art in surgery tooth whitening treatment that takes just over an hour to complete. The results can be stunning and give you the ultimate, natural bright smile.

Take home in-tray tooth whitening


We also offer a take home bleaching kit that can achieve similar results over a longer period of time. An impression is taken of your teeth and two custom made trays are made to contain the bleaching gel. Patients take the trays and gel home and are advised to wear the trays for prolonged periods (usually through the night) for several sessions until the bleaching process is complete. Results using this method are comparable to Zoom lightening but some patients find it a less convenient method of whitening their teeth.

White Fillings

For over 150 years, fillings have been made out of a grey-silver material called ‘amalgam’. This is strong and long lasting. However, many people find it unattractive or are concerned about possible health risks. White fillings are a popular alternative to amalgam. New materials mean it is much easier to find a perfect colour match to a particular tooth. In most cases, it is impossible to see that the tooth even has a filling. White filling material can be used to cover unsightly marks on teeth, repair chipped or broken front teeth, enhance the shape of front teeth. Or act as a standard filling material in back teeth.

Teeth Straightening (Orthodontics)

Over crowding or crooked teeth can be re aligned using either conventional braces or in many cases.

Tooth straightening is usually done during teenage years, when teeth move more easily. However, many adults also have treatment to straighten their teeth to improve their appearance.

At Beechwood Dental you can avail of the services of Dr. Paul Dowling, one of Ireland’s leading authorities on orthodontic treatment. Having Paul’s wealth of knowledge & experience in both adult & children’s orthodontic treatments is a great benefit to our all patients at Beechwood Dental.


Bridges are units of false teeth that are permanently retained in the mouth.

They are most commonly made of metal covered in porcelain. A bridge will need support of the natural teeth and will provide an excellent functional and aesthetic result for many years.


Dentures are removable teeth, placed in the mouth to replace missing teeth. They are usually made of a hard plastic and sometimes will have a metal structure (cobalt chrome) structure to give them better grip. The main advantage of a denture is that it is easily fabricated and relatively inexpensive. The main disadvantage is that they can be difficult to tolerate and may move when eating or talking.

Peridontal or Gum Disease

The chances of somebody suffering from gum disease are greatly reduced with regular visits to the hygienist.

In some instances, however, patients will require more intense treatment to halt the process of tissue breakdown. These may range from cleaning under local anesthetic, through to small surgical procedures to remove infection, which allow patients to clean their teeth properly. Each individual case will be assessed and treated accordingly by the dentist in conjunction with the hygienist.

Gum disease is the term used to describe the process of tissue breakdown that results in loose teeth, or at worst, lost teeth. Gum disease is a chronic infection and its presence can have a detrimental effect on the entire body. There are proven links between gum disease and other serious heart conditions, diabetes, and strokes for example.

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