Dental Implants

What is a dental implant?


Dental implants (sometimes referred to as teeth implants) are a permanent and fixed solution to missing teeth.

A titanium screw is placed into the jaw bone to replace the tooth’s natural root.

This integrates over a period of three to six months as the bone grows around the screw and holds it firmly in place. A crown is then placed onto the fixed screw to replace the original tooth.

Single and multiple implants


This treatment is suitable for the replacement of single teeth or complete tooth loss in the upper and lower jaw. The placement of implants involves a straightforward procedure usually carried out under local anesthetic.

Many patients are suitable candidates for dental implants and the results provide the patient with the nearest alternative to their natural tooth or teeth that can look aesthetically superb and provide complete confidence when biting, chewing and laughing.

Dr. Peter Casey (pictured here during Dental Implant surgery) has been placing dental implants in Dublin for more than 11 years with impressive results. You can read more detail about his experience in dental implants here. Please read on to hear real patient testimonials of their experience in his care, and also to view some case studies of dental implant cases (please note that these are clinical photographs that may be unpleasant to view).


Patient Testimonials – Dental Implants

“I travelled from West Donegal to Beechwood Dental clinic, an eight hour return journey to get full Dental upper implants, six implants in total. I found the service at Beechwood second to none from the initial phone query to the final results. The service was a very professional and friendly experience.

Undoubtedly, following my treatment, I had huge improvement in my ability to chew food and also my choice of food was much improved. Most importantly my confidence was greatly enhanced as a result. Best decision was to avail of Dr Peter Casey and his team.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Beechwood Dental to friends. I would strongly recommend same. Thank you to Dr Peter Casey and his team.”

Dom B.

“I live in Tralee and was advised by my local dentist to seek specialist treatment (2 implants, bridge to top front teeth and bone transfer ? ) not available locally . Prior to getting treatment at Beechwood Dental I reviewed a number of alternative options. The treatment I received at Beechwood Dental was very professional with thorough aftercare service. In all 100% satisfaction. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Peter and his staff at Beechwood Dental.”

Jack O.

“I travelled from Co. Laois to attend Beechwood Dental Practice because I needed 2 implants along with a number of crowns and fillings. I found the service and care to be very satisfactory. I was a very nervous patient and considerable trouble was taken to put me at my ease. The result of my dental work was very good and did indeed improve my
smile and confidence.I would certainly recommend Beechwood Dental Practice to a friend.”

Margaret N

Dental Implant: Case Study Gallery

(please note that the following are clinical photographs and the before images, may be unpleasant to view)

Case 1

R1       R2

This patient had a number of complex problems with gum disease, tooth loss and broken down teeth. 4 upper teeth were extracted and 7 dental implants placed to support fixed teeth.

 Case 2

Q1  Q2

This patient had worn a full lower denture for several years. This moved when he ate as the floor of the mouth was very flat. 4 implants were placed to support a fixed screw retained bridge.

Case 3

K1  K2

Following a bad accident the patient lost both upper front teeth. Following a grafting procedure, 2 dental implants were placed to support 2 crowns.

Case 4

O1  O2

Having lost 4 lower front teeth, this patient wore a plastic denture. The patient was unhappy with the feel and look of the denture and decided to have a fixed 4 unit bridge supported by 2 implants.

Case 5

W1  W2

Following years of untreated gum disease this patient required the extraction of all upper teeth. A fixed upper bridge was placed and secured onto 6 dental implants.






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