Teeth Whitening

Tooth Whitening

A bright, white smile can make you look good and feel great. Our patients who have experienced the tooth whitening transformation tell us the procedure helps them smile with confidence.

Teeth whitening involves a process that bleaches your teeth to achieve their ultimate natural whiteness and Zoom 2 Active Power whitening™ can achieve this in around an hour.

Beechwood dental offers a range of tooth whitening treatments which are an effective way of lightening teeth to their natural colour without removing any of the tooth surface and for the removal of stains that tend to build up on teeth, especially when your diet includes tea, coffee, red wine, tobacco or spicy foods. All of our whitening treatments are clinically approved and range from our easy to use home bleaching kit to our state-of-the-art in surgery tooth whitening treatment that takes just over an hour to complete. The results can be stunning and give you the ultimate, natural bright smile.

Although we no longer provide Zoom tooth whitening, we offer a home kit alternative.

Take home in-tray tooth whitening


We also offer a take home bleaching kit that can achieve similar results over a longer period of time. An impression is taken of your teeth and two custom made trays are made to contain the bleaching gel. Patients take the trays and gel home and are advised to wear the trays for prolonged periods (usually through the night) for several sessions until the bleaching process is complete. Results using this method are comparable to Zoom lightening but some patients find it a less convenient method of whitening their teeth.

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