Teeth Straightening – Orthodontics

Teeth Straightening (Orthodontics)

Over crowding or crooked teeth can be re aligned using either conventional braces or in many cases.

Tooth straightening is usually done during teenage years, when teeth move more easily. However, many adults also have treatment to straighten their teeth to improve their appearance.

Ceramic Braces:

For a more discreet appearance, we can use ceramic (tooth coloured) attachments to fix your brace.

Lingual Braces:

Lingual braces are attached to the inside surface of your teeth and therefore cannot be seen. Patients can have their teeth straightened discreetly. Not suited for all patients but are our orthodontist, Dr Paul Dowling will advise you on your suitability.

At Beechwood Dental you can avail of the services of Dr. Paul Dowling, one of Ireland’s leading authorities on orthodontic treatment. As one of the leading orthodontists in Dublin, Paul’s wealth of knowledge & experience in both adult & children’s orthodontic treatments is a great benefit to our all patients at Beechwood Dental.

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