Case Studies

At Beechwood Dental we undertake complex courses of dental treatment. These not only improve a patient’s oral health, but can also improve a person confidence by giving them a healthy smile.

We’ve chosen a few patients from our dental clinic that we think will demonstrate some of these treatments. Contact us if you wish to get testimonials from patients who have had treatment with us.

Patient 1: Chipped Front Tooth Case

chipped_tooth_before-w245-h185 chipped_tooth_after

This patient fell and broke their front tooth. The tooth was reattached the next day with an excellent result.

Patient 2: Eroded Front Teeth Case

DSCN0619-w250-h250 DSCN3927-w250-h250

This patient came to us with heavily eroded front teeth. We whitened her teeth, and then placed porcelain veneers giving her a great smile back again.

Patient 3: Cosmetic Restoration Case

7a 7b

This patient was concerned with the general appearance of her smile.
We used a combination of gum treatment, tooth whitening, crowns and veneers to give her a lovely new smile!

Patient 4: Cosmetic Restoration Case

1a 1b

This patient had become very conscious about the appearance of his smile.

We masked the dark colour, long looking misaligned teeth by using a combination of crowns and veneers across the smile line.

Patient 5: Basic Cosmetic Improvement Case

IMG_0233-w250-h250 IMG_0408-w250-h250

Patients was worried about his dark front tooth. We corrected this with tooth whitening and a crown and a veneer. We suggested orthodontic treatment but the patient was happy with the position of his teeth.

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